Creating a website easily and simply without your knowledge of coding

Web Builders is an online drag & drop platform where you can create the website of your dreams.

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Why choose web builders

No coding

Website creation without coding knowledge. With a few clicks you make the presentation site.


You can create new pages, upload web elements, edit text, images, links, forms ... Put your imagination to work.


The website can be accessed from any device. Smarphone, tablet, laptop or desktop


Drag & drop platform. Drag the items you want into the edit field, in the order of display.

Drag & Drop

Available in over 20 sections with over 200 templates. Navigation bars, banners, benefits, about us, forms, blog ...

Code access

For the implementation of advanced functions you also have access to the code. In section mode you can edit the code. Or you can download the complete site (html, asset, css, js)


Frequent questions


How do I create a presentation site?

Even if you are a beginner and do not have much experience, you can easily create a presentation website. Create an account, then a project and from here you can intuitively use the drag & drop platform. For more details on how to create a website from scratch, we invite you to the Tutorials section.

Can I add my own content?

Of course. Once you have chosen the layout of the sections, you can customize it as you wish. You can change the images, text, text size, color, animation ... It's just up to your imagination to customize the content.

How do I put my website online?

We offer you 3 ways to put your website online. The first and simplest is to choose a subdomain from the project settings on which to publish your project online. The second way is to download the project and upload it to the hosting server. The third way is to use the FTP function to upload site files directly to your hosting server. For more details, we invite you to the Tutorials section.

Can I optimize my website SEO?

WEBBUILDERS offers you the possibility to set metadata, title, metadescription, keywords from the Page section. This way when the site is indexed in google the site will display the information you passed in these sections. For more tips on how to optimize your site SEO, we invite you to follow the Tutorials section.

Do I need hosting and a domain name?

If you publish the project in a subdomain then you do not need hosting. But if you want to have a custom domain name domeniu.ro/com/ .. then you need to purchase a domain name together with a hosting package.

Do you offer support?

WEBBUILDERS is close to you and offers you the necessary support for you to be able to put your site online. You can contact us by chat, phone or e-mail by LV: 09-17. We also help you with remote project sessions on anything you need, whether it's SEO optimization, you want to add new features or graphics for logos, banners.